Social media has made a major impact on the way businesses now interact with their target market. It has become one of strongest tools for marketers to promote businesses on a global scale.

Over the years, not only have the social media platforms increased in number but are now providing a range of tools that help make a difference to the business industry.

One of the latest tools being used to connect with audiences and create content which could potentially go viral is live video streaming. SEO marketing was becoming a strong game for businesses using tools like post sharing, images, and videos. Not to mention, social media advertisements have also been a hit but now with the paid advertisement trend becoming common, the marketing industry may be looking for alternate options.

On the other hand, live video streaming is helping businesses establish stronger connections with potential and existing customers. When you can capture live events, it creates an honest image of what the business stands for. Marketers are not only using live streaming services for the purpose of launching new products but recording day to day activities in order to share their business culture.

Live Video Streaming Options

Whether for business or for fun, literally everyone has access to various live video streaming tools. This includes Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, Twitter Video, Periscope and SnapChat. Each tool comes with its own benefits and many businesses prefer to use more than one at a single time.

Let’s explore the benefits of the different live video streaming tools available. We will also see how they compare with each other.

Benefits of Live Streaming

Before we dive into the different tools for live streaming, let us discuss the general benefits of live streaming for promoting a business:

A Growing Audience

The internet is the door to the world. Social media is already helping businesses reach more of their target market, but with live video streaming they automatically have potential to access even wider audiences. Many potential clients are becoming more reluctant to take part in forum discussions, surveys or Q & A’s. With live video streaming, you are able to establish an immediate connection with your viewers. If you’re engaging enough you have a higher chance of capturing your target audience by being irresistibly interactive whilst presenting or speaking to the camera.

Product or Service Introduction

Live video streaming can be used for introducing a new product or service to your existing customers or prospective clients. Resources can not only be saved in this way but also reserved for other purposes too.

Stronger Connection

Customers like to see behind the veil of an organisation; particularly a small business or sole trader. It puts them at ease and builds trust. Moreover, people can learn about the story behind your brand and the culture of your organisation without leaving their comfort zones.

Live Streaming Tools

Facebook Live

Facebook is, perhaps, the biggest social media platform. It allows you to reach an audience all over the world. As of now, Facebook is controlling the organic post reach through the news Feed Algorithm. A similar algorithm has been applied to its live video streaming function but it still has the potential to become more engaging. Moreover, live videos can be accessed at any time and converted into other content types to broaden the exposure.


SnapChat was able to quickly take the world by a storm. It has around 150 million daily active users so it is heaven for marketers to reach a bigger portion of their target markets. It is multi-purpose. One can chat, post photos and videos including the fun filters available. Brands are effectively using the platform for shooting live events, giveaways, sharing brand stories and teasing new products.


This particular platform was launched in March 2015. It has helped major brands and SMEs with creating an instant worldwide connection. For example, it may be used to take viewers backstage of a major event where instant access is usually unavailable or to your personal coaching sessions reaching a mass market who are watching because they have chosen to. Periscope is open to the world whereas your Facebook Live videos will mostly only reach your “friends” first and foremost. Reports indicate that Periscope users are watching 110 years’ worth of video on a whole. That’s A LOT of content!

The platform also has some amazing live interaction features. Viewers can comment live and leave hearts to express their opinion. This is quite similar to Facebook Live. It is owned by Twitter, so as a user you have the benefit of appearing within other users’ Twitter feeds. Using strong and relevant hash tags may also increase your audience reach.


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