The Red Carpet Academy

At The Red Carpet Academy, we are professional and multi award-winning TV Presenters, Broadcasters, Commentators and Public Speakers with one goal in mind: 

Your on-camera success!

As industry Experts we work with some of the world’s most recognisable television channels and corporate brands such as BBC, ITV, Channel 5, Sky, BET, Barclays, Ernst & Young, BAFTA, Virgin, QVC, Sky News and more. With a combined average of over 125 years of experience in front of the camera, we have the insider secrets and knowledge to help you reach your goals.  

Presenting to camera is the number one way to reach and connect with your audience using online video and social media.  Whether you’re promoting your brand, pitching to new clients or you’re a company spokesperson, we’ve combined our vastly unique skill-set in building a solid foundation to help YOU become the best presenter possible. Our mission is to improve your presentation skills, allowing you to deliver your message effectively every time. 

Imagine being confident enough to reach wider audiences by skilfully presenting yourself on TV, Youtube and an ever-growing list of social media platforms! With our exclusive training programs we’ve helped clients become master presenters; increasing their public profile, boosting their interactive following and leading to a surge in sales.

At The Red Carpet Academy we personally work with you in discovering your on-screen USP (Unique Selling Point) and elevate your abilities to present yourself to-camera.  We take a personal interest in helping you overcome presenting obstacles and developing powerful presentation skills that will take you and your business places you never thought possible!

Our three tier training program will take you from novice, to professional, and toward superstar success expert level in a matter of days!



Leah Charles-King’s is a multi award winning TV & Radio Broadcaster, Producer, Speaker and Coach. Her story and the path to starting The Red Carpet Academy has been a journey of ups and downs, turns and twists. Yet through it all, one theme has emerged to define not only Leah as a person, but what her story teaches all of us: Follow your dreams and never give up!

Her career started at a young age, pursuing her onscreen goals as a child actress. As a teenager she burst onto the music scene as a founding member of the R “n” B group ‘Kleshay’ signed to Sony Music. After ten successful years and a two UK chart singles, she moved back into on-screen roles; this time as a TV Presenter and live correspondent. Today she enjoys international presenting assignments and hosting major events at some of the most iconic venues around the world. She is one of the faces of Jackpot247 on ITV, and also hosts and produces a weekly flagship music entertainment show on multi award-winning The Beat London 103.6FM. To add, she runs her own media production company, and is the founder and primary coach at The Red Carpet Academy.

Leah has worked for some of the most well-known media companies in the world, and rubbed shoulders with many celebrities, international music artists, actors, and world leaders, but she has also been turned down, turned away, and forced to figure out, “What’s my next step?” It’s this combination of the highest highs, and the lowest lows that give her the powerful and unique ability to successfully coach and mentor hundreds of aspiring presenters and public speakers.

Her story – combined with over 30 years in the entertainment industry as a whole – truly make her the perfect coach for you to follow and accomplish your on-screen dreams!

“Once you have gained effective presenting skills of an expert level, the possibilities are endless!”
– Leah Charles-King


  • Over 35 years mainstream experience in the entertainment industry
  • Over 95,000 of hours of live, unscripted TV presenting experience
  • Host of countless speaking engagements for prestigious events nationwide
  • Produced and presented programs transmitted in Europe, USA and Africa
  • Seen by a combined estimated TV audience of over 200 million viewers worldwide
  • Producer credits for live and pre-recorded content for TV broadcasts
  • Presented and appeared on ITV, BBC, BET, The Disney Channel, MTV, Sky Arts and more
  • Launched OHTV and BET International on UK television as their first on-screen talent
  • First and only black female CITV continuity presenter in its 35 year history
  • Some awards received to date include: Screen Nation, Wise Women, JPA Awards, Divas of Colour, Lift Effects Star Award, C-Hub Awards
  • Accomplished Voice Over artist for TV and Radio
  • Corporate video presenter for high profile clients and brands
  • Backing Vocalist for the likes of George Michael, Andreas Bocelli and Mary J Blige to name a few
  • Female Activist for women in business and the creative industries
  • Personal Mentor to young women by offering internships at The Red Carpet Academy

“I love seeing a client transform from presenting novice to presenting pro in just a few days of training!” – Leah Charles-King



Our media Experts have been carefully selected for their sought-after industry experience in mainstream broadcasting, on-screen sales presentations and public speaking
Gema Ensenât
TV Presenter, Vlogger & Coach

Gema Ensenât is a successful TV Broadcaster, Vlogger and Coach.

Nathaniel Peat
Social Entrepreneur, Speaker & Media Commentator 

Nathaniel Peat is a multi-award winning entrepreneur, international speaker…

Sinéad Wall
Voice Coach

Sinéad Wall is a Theatre Actress, Singer and Voice Coach. 

Andy Oliver
TV Sales Presenter 

Andy is a vastly experienced TV Sales Presenter, Entertainer and Coach.

Paul Evers
TV Sales Presenter

Paul Evers is a TV Sales Presenter, Event Host and Coach.