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If the future of your brand is using online video and social media, The Red Carpet Academy is your ticket to the future!

THE NOVICE: ‘Spectacular Speaking’: (1 day Workshop)

On-Camera Presentation training that will set you apart and seal the deal

The influence of video is indisputable.  If you’re an entrepreneur looking to build your brand, a CEO looking to effectively lead your company or a business who want to their digital marketing campaigns.

  • Would you like to learn professional camera presenting skills to promote your product or service?
  • Do you feel embarrassed or nervous in front of a camera or audience?
  • Does your mind go blank the moment the moment you begin to speak?

THE PROFESSIONAL: ‘Sensational Selling’: (3 days Training)

Advanced training to effectively deliver Speeches, Sales Presentations, Live Streaming and Video Media

The next level course in our speaker training series is ‘Sensational Selling’. This is a three day masterclass gaining exclusive access to all six of our Celebrity Experts! You will learn presentation authenticity, on-and-off screen sales technique, vocal clarity, body language, media training and also develop a professional level of on-and-off camera presenting skill within a real TV Studio experience!

  • Do you struggle to deliver an engaging, informative and memorable pitch or presentation for your business or product?
  • How to pitch your service and products on camera
  • How to speak with impact and make your appearances memorable

THE EXPERT: ‘Superstar Success’ (5 days Masterclass)

Master Online and TV broadcasting to become a recognized industry expert

Superstar Success’ is our five daytop-tier course designed to not only takeyour on-camera presentation skills from professional to expert, but also take your presenting or public speaking career one step further.

  • Are you looking to take your brand to a wider audience and establish yourself as the go-to expert in your field?
  • Are you looking to promote a book or business and required to give on-camera interviews or make public presentations?

Cameras & Cocktails: Celebrity Summit

Join us for an evening of learning, networking, and plain old fun – celebrity style! This special event hosted by The Red Carpet Academy is offered exclusively to our ‘Sensational Selling’ (Three Day training) and our ‘Superstar Success’ (Five Day Masterclass) clients.

  • This is an event like no other offered within the bright lights of Central London, and is specifically organised to help further your broadcasting career and aspirations.
  • Additionally, our ‘Superstar Success’ Five Day Masterclass clients will receive their opportunity to make a short presentation promoting their business or service to the live audience.