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At The Red Carpet Academy we help you achieve your goals by developing and refining your on-camera presence. Using Video Media for your business is the future, and we’re here to ensure you’re one step ahead. No matter who you are, or what you’re looking to achieve, the camera can take you there if you let it!  The Celebrity Experts at the Red Carpet Academy will give you the skills to master the art of presenting on camera.

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If the future of your brand is using online video media, The Red Carpet Academy is your ticket to the future!
THE NOVICE:‘ SPECTACULAR SPEAKING’: On-Camera Presentation training that will set you apart and seal the deal

The influence of video is indisputable.  If you’re an entrepreneur looking to build your brand, or a CEO looking to lead your company, we will help you harness the power of video.

THE PROFESSIONAL: ‘SENSATIONAL SELLING : Effectively present your brand using live video streaming and online media

The next level course in our training series is ‘Sensational Selling’. This is a three day program progressing from novice to professional presenting technique.

THE EXPERT: ‘SUPERSTAR SUCCESS’: Master Online and TV broadcasting to become a recognised expert in your field

‘Superstar Success’ is our five day top-tier course designed to advance your mainstream broadcasting career whilst taking your on-camera presentation skills from professional to expert level.


Leah Charles-King

Leah Charles-King’s is a multi award winning TV & Radio Broadcaster, Producer, Speaker and Coach. Her story and the path to starting The Red Carpet Academy has been a journey of ups and downs, turns and twists.  Yet through it all, one theme has emerged to define not only Leah as a person, but what her story teaches all of us:  Follow your dreams and never give up!

“Learning to present is a great way of building your brand, your confidence, and stamping your authority as a go-to expert in your field.” – Leah Charles-King.


If you’d like to establish yourself as a leading expert in your field you need to master the art of presenting to camera!

Download our FREE 15 page guide: “How To Present to Camera like a Pro & be the next Leading Expert in your Field” written by multi award-winning TV and Radio Broadcaster,

Leah Charles-King.

How to become recognised as an expert in your niche

Avoid these 3 DEADLY MISTAKES at all cost

Understand the techniques of communicating through the lens

Top 5 Best Practices for professionally presenting to camera

Benefits of Speaking to camera vs. Speaking on stage

Learn from 20 years of mainstream broadcasting experience

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“If you want to speak to camera in a very professional way come to The Red Carpet Academy”

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CJ Sohal Speaker, Author & Coach

“Coming to The Red Carpet Academy gave me the boost that I needed. I feel confident and ready to take on the world!”

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