Presenting to camera doesn’t come naturally to everyone. In fact, some people suffer from “stage fright” even if they are not usually shy.

There are so many examples where no matter how much people prepare but they get tongue-tied as soon as they see the red record button flashing. The moment where you can feel everyone focused on you can be pretty nerve wracking. The result is that people fail to communicate a well-created presentation or message.

5 Tips to Help with Presenting to-camera

Presenting is an art and you can learn it no matter what kind of personality you have in general. Here are five tips for enhancing your presenting skills.

1. Take a breath

One of the most common mistakes people make is that they start talking too abruptly from the moment they start recording. This is mostly the result of being too nervous. The best thing to do is to anchor yourself and take a few seconds before speaking. Take deep breaths and find your comfortable position first. This makes the audience know that you are prepared and confident.

2. Give and Take Theory

If you want to leave a positive impression on the audience then be prepared to give rather than receive. Show them that you are speaking for their benefit and not for selling an idea, becoming popular or making the audience like you.

3. Preparation

Preparing carefully gives you confidence that you are not going to forget lines during your presentation. The original presentation could be lengthy but you need to reduce it to an outline for speaking to-camera. If you must, keep some bullet point notes nearby just incase, BUT do not try to remember them word for word, as if you forget it will throw you off your game . Also it will sound like a script rather than a natural way of speaking to the camera.

4. Body Language

Many people get confused of how to stand in front of a camera. The nervousness makes some people go stiff and others may fidget on the spot. Prepare for intonation in your voice and try to become more aware of how to hold yourself. Walk around before you start filming and try to get rid of any nerves. Relax your shoulders.

5. Eye Contact

This is a common mistake when it comes to presenting to-camera. Maintaining eye contact engages the audience. However, it is not easy. Believe me, I know how difficult it is to hold eye contact with a camera! The trick is to look directly into the barrel as if looking into someone’s eyes. It gives your audience the impression that you are speaking directly with them which helps you appear more friendly, authentic and personable.

Presenting is tough. It takes an investment of time (and money) should you want to perfect to an expert level. Practice in the comfort of your own home before being too quick to hit the Live button on Facebook, for example! A good speaker has the ability to improvise without prior notice and is always prepared for the worst. However, it takes experience and learning in order to reach this stage of expertise.

Watch and learn from other successful TV presenters, in particular, but try not to copy or emulate their style. Be you!



Keep shining in the spotlight!



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