With technology making leaps and bounds every day, video has become crucial in the business world. Video has evolved beyond being just a platform for entertainment, such as the Vine apps and YouTube.

It is becoming increasingly important in personal branding, as seen by the increase in video interviews and video presentations.

For entrepreneurs, it’s an opportunity to widen the platform on which your business is visible. With billions of people visiting video-based websites like YouTube every day, it is crucial that you learn how to present on camera.

Every day, more and more professionals are using multi-media tools to promote and showcase their businesses and services. It gives them access to a huge audience: everyone with access to the internet. However, speaking on camera is not the same as public speaking in person. There is more focus on the presenter in a video than in person. For example, when watching a presenter on-screen the focus is directly on them rather than a wandering eye watching a presenter on-stage. The level of scrutiny focused on people in videos is much higher, and as a result, presenting on video can be quite nerve-wracking.

More than ever before there are many reasons why being able to present effectively on video is just as important as being able to speak confidently in public.

Customers want to authentically connect with the people behind a business. While paying celebrities is effective, it’s also very expensive. There is an increasing demand for authenticity on social platforms. Customers want to hear from the people who actually believe in the brand enough to work hard for it.

  1. Video has become another platform on which to present your business. To make a positive impression on your viewers, you need to have a confident camera presence. As we stated previously, the camera will highlight every nervous tick that you have. In order to avoid distracting your audience with a lack lustre or OTT delivery, you need to ensure that you appear calm, composed, and poised on camera.


  1. With modern day being the era of technology, the best way to promote your business and draw in new clients is to reach as many people as possible. With billions of views on YouTube every day, it has become evident that video is one of the ways to amplify your presence. Having a video on a business’s home pages gives viewers the chance to virtually meet the faces behind the brand. This can help build trust, especially if watching someone who genuinely passionate about their brand.


Whether you’re setting up a new business, trying to improve the customer base for your established business, or simply looking to improve your communication skills at work, video is the next big platform to do so. However, the camera is sometimes less forgiving than a live audience. This is why having a strong on-camera presence is different from being a good public speaker: the platforms are completely different. Having established how crucial it is that you learn how to present on camera, the next big question is: Are you camera ready?


Until next time, keep shining in the spotlight!





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