‘Superstar Success’

Five Day Masterclass

Master Online and TV broadcasting to become a recognized industry expert

  • Is your aim to broadcast to international audiences and establish yourself as the go-to expert of your field?
  • Is your goal to create consistent and original content for your YouTube channel, live video streaming, webinars, online events and podcasts?
  • Would you like to learn how to broadcast professional output from your very own home, office or anywhere in the world?
  • Are you looking to promote a book or business and required to give on-camera interviews or make public presentations?

This course is only suitable for those who are committed to reaching expert level.*

By application only

‘Superstar Success’ is our five day top-tier course designed to advance your mainstream broadcasting career whilst taking your on-camera presentation skills from professional to expert level. Master the art of presenting for live video streaming, online content, TV shows, live news commentary and so much more. In fact the possibilities are endless!

This course is exclusively for clients who are serious about attracting and connecting with wider audiences on an expert level. It’s particularly useful for entrepreneurs, leaders and business owners who are determined to fully develop an on-camera presence as the face of their brand. 

This is unlike any other media training course. ‘Superstar Success’ is a unique, high quality training program, jam-packed with valuable presentation training you cannot find anywhere else!

*This course cannot be taken until completion of The Novice and The Professional training levels

In this five day ‘Superstar Success’ expert level course you’ll be coached within the following modules:
  • Advanced screen and sales training
  • Advanced voice coaching
  • Advanced interview techniques and media training
  • Advanced body language techniques and control
  • How to effectively market your product on camera
  • Conquer the art of mainstream broadcasting and the power this holds for your success
  • How to become a professional broadcaster from the comfort of your own home or office.
  • How to leverage a YouTube channel and other online video platforms for your business or brand
  • Produce and present your own original webinar or tutorial series, commercial presentation, or online program to suit your brand, business or creative interests.
  • Learn the formula for producing your own professional on-screen presentations and promotional videos.

Our ‘Superstar Success’ five day master class gives you the opportunity to both network with other professionals and receive personal one-on-one instruction from our panel of Celebrity Experts.  Each instructor brings years of mainstream front line experience that will help you begin your international broadcasting success story.

We keep the groups small and exclusive to ensure you receive the training and attention you need to reach your full potential.

You’ll be training within a real TV studio in Central London with a full production crew, and we will conclude our hard work with a certificate ceremony and champagne VIP screening party!

Did you ever think you could be broadcasting high quality content from your very own home or office whilst using video as a tool to massively grow your business?   The benefits are endless!

The Red Carpet Academy is here to help you become a recognised industry expert much faster than we did!  Your success awaits!

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And don’t forget…

We offer a 10% saving when you simultaneously book our complete three tier training program*; The Novice, The Professional and The Expert (subject to application success).

In less than 10 full days of training you will become a master presenter in front of the camera!

Our five day “Superstar Success” training is only suitable for those wishing to reach expert level. Apply now or email us for further details.

*Payment plans available


For a limited time, when you sign up for The Expert: ‘Superstar Success’ you will receive a fully edited version of your recorded presentation filmed and produced during your course. This will be of digital broadcast quality for TV and online. This service is usually subject to an additional fee starting from £1250.

This includes:
  • Introduction: your story
  • Selling yourself, product or service to camera
  • Live interview with a celebrity presenter
  • Additional features and interviews, alongside your product and service presentations
  • Outro: your call to action
  • Approx 30 minutes in total (can be split into a series)
  • Full graphics to include your logo and royalty free background music
  • Hi-definition output
  • Delivered via digital file
  • Immediately uploadable for website, social media, YouTube.
  • Edited by professionals
  • Delivered within 30 days – Express delivery service available (subject to an additional fee)
  • All raw files / outtakes also available (subject to an additional fee).


As a special bonus for booking this course we are also including ANNUAL VIP PASSES for you and two friends, to each of our quarterly ‘Cameras & Cocktails Celebrity Summit’ evenings. This includes an opportunity to put your skills to the test by giving a short presentation at one of these special events. This opportunity is exclusively for our ‘Superstar Success’ clients. Click below for more details.