Celebrity Summit

Join us for an evening of learning, networking, and plain old fun – celebrity style!  This special event hosted by The Red Carpet Academy is offered
exclusively to our ‘Sensational Selling’ (Three Day training) and our ‘Superstar Success’ (Five Day Masterclass) clients.

 Event Venue : London 

It is a highly interactive, valuable and immersive workshop centered around improving your on-screen presence by offering insider techniques and introducing you to industry professionals and celebrity guest speakers. This is an event like no other offered within the bright lights of Central London, and is specifically organised to help further your broadcasting career and aspirations.

Each event is headlined by our Celebrity Experts that will offer advice, council and guidance when it comes to promoting your business and services using a plethora of in-depth techniques such as presenting, selling to camera and creating your own professional video content.

Additionally, our ‘Superstar Success’ Five Day Masterclass clients will receive their opportunity to make a short presentation promoting their business or service to the live audience.  It’s a wonderful evening to socialize, network, and get one step closer to accomplishing your on-camera goals.

We also roll out our red carpet for first time guests and our  ‘Spectacular Speaking’ One Day Workshop clients for a small fee. Mark your calendars and plan to attend. Reserve your place now before they’re all gone!